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  IDE Installer


This application can install packages (containing source code or trial units of VCL and FireMonkey components) in Delphi and C++Builder IDE.

Supported version of Delphi: from 5 to 11 Alexandria.

Supported version of C++Builder: from 6 to 11 Alexandria.

Exception: C++Builder-only packages for BDS 2006 are not supported.

Supported platforms: Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), macOS (64-bit Intel and ARM), Android (32-bit and 64-bit)


  • the installer installs a set of multiple packages
  • a set may contain either Delphi or C++Builder packages
  • a set of Delphi packages can be installed in C++Builder as well (so it recommended)
  • some or all packages in a set may be trial packages
  • all options are set in a configuration file, end users do not need to make any unnecessary choices in UI
  • minimal output on success, full log on compilation errors
  • removing paths to alternative versions of packages from IDE library (to avoid version conflict); the user can view deleted paths when the installer completes its work
  • creating compiled files in the same locations as IDE would create them (exceptions: BDS 2006 and Delphi package for RAD Studio 2007) so the user can recompile these packages in IDE later
  • installing packages requiring third-party packages; even if third-party package's DCP files are not in the standard location; even if third-party package's DCP file names include version numbers of third-party product
  • integrating CHM help files in RAD Studio IDE (for XE8 and newer)
  • option for Windows 32-bit platform: adding paths either to source code or to pre-compiled units


Choosing Delphi and C++Builder versions for installing the components

Installation is in progress...


We use this installer to install our components (RVMedia, TRichView, ScaleRichView, ReportWorkshop). If you use this installer, we can list your components here.

Packages for the Installer

We created an utility generating packages for all supported versions of Delphi and C++Builder, compatible with the installer. We are not ready to share this utility yet, but we can create packages for you on request, if you give us a list of units, required packages and DCR files.


IDE Installer © Sergey Tkachenko

IDE Installer uses Jedi VCL © Jedi VCL developers

IDE Installer and its source code are released under Mozilla Public License Version 1.1.


Download the installer and its source code


File size: 3.51 MB. File date: October 8, 2022.

Install and uninstall instructions, a format of configuration files, package naming conventions and options, a directory structure, etc. can be found in ReadMe.chm, included in the zip-file.

Alternatively, you can download from GitHub: