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  Bullets and Numbering in TRichView

TRichView provides comprehensive support for numbered lists and bullets.

List Types


The following list types are supported:

  • Bullets – single or multicharacter text (Unicode);
  • Images – any graphics or images from image-lists;
  • Decimal Numbering – 1, 2, 3, ...; 01, 02, 03, ...;
  • Alphabetic Numbering – a, b, c, ...; A, B, C, ...;
  • Roman Numbering – i, ii, iii, ...; I, II, III, ...;
  • Greek Numbering – α, β γ, ...;
  • Ordered Images from Image-lists – an image is chosen from the image-list depending on the counter value (unique feature).


Multilevel Lists

TRichView supports multilevel lists. List text can include numbering from previous levels. A legal-style numbering is supported as well.


List numbering is incremented automatically. You can define a starting value for a list level, or reset numbering to the specified value.

TRichView follows Microsoft Word 97+ model of numbering: list items are numbered throughout the document, even if there are unnumbered paragraphs between them.

Bi-Di Mode Support

TRichView supports right-to-left text flow. In RTL paragraphs, list markers are displayed on the right side.

Ordered images from Image-Lists Right-to-left list

User Interface

RichViewActions' dialog for applying and customizing bullets and numbering
RichViewActions “Bullets and Numbering” dialog

RichView Actions provide a user interface for applying and customizing list styles.

There are two versions of “Bullets and Numbering” dialog in RichViewActions:

  • a standard dialog, providing samples of list and allowing to customize lists (see the screenshot above);
  • an HTML-style dialog, allowing to choose from bullets an numbering types available in HTML.


Applying bullets and numbering: Demos\​*\​Assorted\​ListStyles\​Bullets\

Image-list bullets and numbering: Demos\​*\​Assorted\​ListStyles\​ImageListBullets\